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Gulmarg is at an altitude of two ,730 meters above the ocean level. This tiny calm little mountain resort is sort of a picture where silence is broken only with tinkling of cow bells. Gulmarg boasts of the very best 18 - hole golf links within the world. Originally called as Gauri Marg, after the wife of Shiva, it had been renamed by Sultan Yusuf Shah as Gul Marg, which accurately means the meadow of flowers. and truly Gulmarg has vast meadows of flowers. it's said that Jehangir also loved this place and picked up 21 various species of every flower. it's sort of a huge cup shaped meadow lush and green offering a splendid view of the whole Kashmir valley. Gulmarg is on the upper elevation than that of Srinagar ; hence the roads are often blocked by snow. On the opposite hand during summers, the roads resulting in this place are a delight. At every turn, as if nature raises another curtain to bring another surprise better than the sooner beauty! Lush green meadows, with grazing cows, and flowers wearing a riot of colors are seen everywhere. The view is so pretty that one often wonders if it were pasted right out from an image postcard. The highlight of this place is that the pony trail to Khilanmarg. The Khilanmarg valley may be a blaze of colour and fragrance within the spring with stunning views from the mountain tops. The recently opened Gondola lift from the mountain top of Gulmarg offers an enthralling experience when it gives a wide ranging view of the usually snow-clad pine slopes and delightful flowers. Winters in Gulmarg are equally exciting when the snowstorm begins and therefore the landscape changes its colour to pure white. this is often the season for winter sports and Gulmarg changes from the flower valley to an exquisite skiing resort. With nice slopes, perfect and enough for skiing, Gulmarg over the years has become a well-liked destination for winter sports in India .

Top Places to visit in Gulmarg

1. Gulmarg gondola:

compulsion a ride aboard the worlds highest sparkling car ? The Gulmarg cable car ferries you from Gulmarg to Kongdoori valley in Phase 1 behind more alpine forests and snow-covered mountains happening to a top of 8530 ft. Phase 2 extends till Mt. Afarwat and goes going on to the extremity of 12293 ft.  

2. Khilanmarg valley:

In spring, this valley resembles an performers masterpiece. Bright shimmering strokes of wildflowers painted across the green valley canvas. you'll achieve the valley easily by walking across the meadows. (a six km promenade from the Gulmarg fall and car park) Savour the breathtaking views of the strong Nanga Parbat , the Himalayas, and as a consequences the twin peaks of Nun and Kun.

3. Aplather lake:

The lake lying within the Afarwat peaks remains sedated all circular the year, and provides a scenic spot for a picnic amid intimates and connections. What augmented company than Rockies and wildflowers!
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